January 23, 2014

I Used My Globe Rewards in KFC

I Used My Globe Rewards in KFC Do you often see this ad on the sidebar when you browse your Facebook account? I do and I have always wondered why it often appears on the sidebar whenever I am logged on to my Facebook account. I know I can use my Globe Rewards points as I have used it last year in exchange for a USB flash drive. But it is also good to know that I can use my Globe Rewards points to purchase my favorite chicken meal. And I never realized I will use it on my very special day. 

Use Globe Rewards for KFC Facebook Ad

On my birthday last Monday, I promised a special dinner for my family. However, I was too busy with work that I cannot anymore find the time to cook. Besides, it was my birthday so why should I stress myself? After all, they only requested for chicken and spaghetti. I can still cook spaghetti but not he chicken anymore. Hence, I decided to go to the nearest fast food chain and order my family's favorite fried chicken!