January 23, 2014

I Used My Globe Rewards in KFC

I Used My Globe Rewards in KFC Do you often see this ad on the sidebar when you browse your Facebook account? I do and I have always wondered why it often appears on the sidebar whenever I am logged on to my Facebook account. I know I can use my Globe Rewards points as I have used it last year in exchange for a USB flash drive. But it is also good to know that I can use my Globe Rewards points to purchase my favorite chicken meal. And I never realized I will use it on my very special day. 

Use Globe Rewards for KFC Facebook Ad

On my birthday last Monday, I promised a special dinner for my family. However, I was too busy with work that I cannot anymore find the time to cook. Besides, it was my birthday so why should I stress myself? After all, they only requested for chicken and spaghetti. I can still cook spaghetti but not he chicken anymore. Hence, I decided to go to the nearest fast food chain and order my family's favorite fried chicken! 

As I made my decision, the "Use Globe Rewards for KFC" ad flashed on the sidebar of my Facebook account. Since we are also trying to spend less and increase our savings, I thought I would give it a try. I checked my Rewards Points and saw that I have already earned more than 1,300 points. Every point is equivalent to a peso; so, it means I can spend more than a thousand pesos for the fried chicken! But no, I am not going to use up all my points in one day. 

When I arrived in the KFC branch nearest to us, I asked the store manager how I can use my Globe Rewards points for my purchase. He was very accommodating and handed me a small poster board with the instructions how to use my Globe Rewards when purchasing my favorite meals in KFC. 

Screenshots of the text messages

The store manager asked me to check my balance before I place my order to ensure that I have sufficient points for my meal. I told him that I already did so and showed him the text message I received from 4438. To check your Globe Rewards points, simply text BAL to 4438 and wait for the text message. 

My KFC Birthday Dinner
Afterwards, the store manager instructed me to go to the counter and place my order. When the cashier asked for my order, I immediately informed her that I will be using my globe Rewards points to pay for my order. She gave the code that I need to send to 4438. While waiting for the text confirmation, she arranged my order – Streetwise Box, Streetwise Bucket Meal, macaroni salad and of course, my favorite KFC Spoonfuls! 

Paying for my KFC fried chicken, fixins, and desserts using my Globe Rewards points was very easy and convenient. Everything was done in less than 10 minutes. What made me happier was I did not spend any single cent to pay for my order! 

Have you tried using your Globe Rewards points on their partner merchants? I suggest you try it yourself and share your experience. Click this link to learn more about Globe Rewards, its Partner Merchants, the Participating Branches, and Promo Duration. 

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